Elven Themed cosmetics for Lord of the Rings Online

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Spymaster of Imladris

One thing you’ll likely notice as I continue to post my cosmetic outfits is that I’m a fan of simplicity, to me its best not to overthink an outfit if something works go for it, don’t look back and if you think it’s good, it’s great. This outfit which I’ve fondly named ‘The Spymaster of Imladris’ is an excellent example of this in action.

I find it fitting that the first outfit I’m sharing is for my main Tuilinel, and this particular outfit was one of my first outfits. This outfit was born of my own need to create a casual elven robe for day to day activities, not for battle but for book-keeping, I wanted something which said upper class elf-lord who’s blending in and definitely not spying on the local population, this was the result.

I started with the chest piece, which is oftentimes the best/easiest place to start, it’s often the centre piece of an outfit and like in this case covers the majority of the character. I sent for too long trying to find a suitable cosmetic before settling for the Lore-Keeper’s Robe. This robe is undoubtedly elven, yet not flashy like some others it also dyes extremely well making perfect for my needs.

Surprisingly it was the shoulders which gave me the most trouble with this outfit, however despite the struggle I’m so happy with the result, these shoulders are simple enough to compliment the rode but also ornate enough to elevate the outfit giving it the upper class feel I wanted. Also the fact the shade of gold on the shoulders matches perfectly the shade found on the robes sleeves a happy accident which cemented their place as one of my favourite shoulder pieces.

The pieces used in this outfit are listed below along with where you can find them.

Head: Circlet of the Night Watcher (Dol Amroth Quartermaster (Lore-master Armour), Lavender)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Discernment (Hunter class trader in Caras Galadhon, DN gear, Default)
Chest: Lore-Keeper’s Robe (Classic Vendor at the Skirmish camp, Dark purple)
Feet: Lore-Keeper’s Shoes (Classic Vendor at the Skirmish camp, Dark purple)

Main hand: Staff of Keriรค (Reward from the Epic Quest ‘VI, B13: Chapter 11: Narchuil Goes South)
Off hand: Warrior’s Edge (Elves of Rivendell Ally rep item)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

A rather short introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Bumble I’m a 20 something year old Irishman, who’s studying Biology at university however I moonlight as a Cosmetic Connoisseur. In any game I play I always strive to find the best outfit (to fit my taste) that I can because as any civilised person knows if you don’t look good doing it what’s the point of stopping an evil overlord.

One game in which I’ve found that allows me to indulge these urges is Lord of the Rings Online. In fact one could say I’ve a special passion (read obsession) with LOTROs cosmetic system, simply put I love it and while it’s not perfect I believe it is far better than many believe. LOTRO has many, many excellent cosmetic options for all aesthetics and tastes, now while much of the early game quest/loot drops are hideous from Moria onward the gear available really takes a turn for the beautiful.

I personally favour elven characters and so many (almost all) of my cosmetics aim to capture the ‘Elven’ whether that of the elves of my beloved Imladris or those of the corrupted Greenwood. But I have been known to create non-elven outfits particularly to suit zones like Rohan or Moria, but expect a subtle elven flare to it all.

In this blog I plan to share my cosmetic creations with you all in hopes that they inspire you to create your own. I’ve been inspired to do so by many within the LOTRO cosmetic community including ‘Material Middle-earth’, ‘Cosmetic LOTRO’ and ‘Starry Mantle’. Links to which you can find on the side bar.

Now for some info on what types of cosmetics you can expect here, the outfits I post are ones I use/have used on one of my main characters which I play in LOTRO. One of the weird I do with my Characters is that I assign them Colours which differentiate them from each other while also keeping them uniform, because of this there will be a lot of outfits here which are the same/similar colours but that doesn’t mean you can’t edit them to be whatever colour you prefer should you wish to use them yourselves.

Here is a list of my characters their race, classes and the colours assigned to them, the characters named below exist on both the Landroval and Brandywine servers feel free to mail/message me there if you want to get in contact.

Tuilinel                    (Male Elven Lore master, Purple)
Yaaraen                    (Female High Elf Rune-keeper, Green)
Niereil                      (Female Elven Hunter, Red)